2020 Spring semester registration:



The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport is honored to announce the registration for the new master of Science degree
"Smart Control systems for Energy Management"
Starting from the spring semester (February 2020) The Degree is accredited from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities and from Instituto Superior Technico (IST) in Portugal.

TECHNICO LISBOA is ranked 1st in Portugal, 10th in Europe and 51st World Wide, according to the Shangahi University Ranking.

The Student may chose among two Options :


First Option

To Join the program at AASTMT for period between 2 to 5 years with following :
3 core courses (9 credit hours) then the student is to choose one of the following two branches: 
1) Energy Management and Control systems.
2) Smart Industrial Energy Systems.

Each branch has 6 elective courses (3 credit hours each). The student must satisfy at least 3 of these courses (9 credit hours). Then the student must satisfy at least 2 courses (6 credit hours) from Elective common courses module, which includes 11 courses that may serve both branches. In addition to Thesis I, and Thesis II.


Course description and contents


Second Option

The second choice is to follow the IST-AASTMT Program ,  The program will include specific courses that the student must fulfill with 54 Credit hours (5 extra courses than option (1)) . The student must finish at least one year of study in AASTMT and one year of study in TECHNICO LISBOA (IST),  The Thesis will be shared is supervision between AASTMT and IST.

The year spent in Egypt will be rated in AASTMT admission rates. The year spend in LISBOA will be rated by IST Rates.


By the end , the student will get two certificates.
1-   MSC in "Smart Control System for Energy Management " from AASTMT
2- MSC in "Energy Engineering and Managment" from IST portugal.

For Option number Two , the dead line of registration is 31st of January 2020. And will be done by the contact person.
Dr. Ahmed El Shenawy