Automation and Smart System Application

Automation and Smart System Application



The aim of this training is to cover the technical aspects related to the proposed Master program such as the systems and energy management. In addition transferring the teaching and learning experience and the new delivery techniques to the Egyptian and Jordanian partner including highlighting the Intellectual property in creating new courses and programs and materials.

Summary of the five days training program:

- Introduction to the senior management of the Staffordshire University.

- Energy management and energy audit.

- Importance of the Intellectual property (IP).

- Innovation and start up.

- Autonomous intelligent system.

- Printed Circuit Board Design and Fabrication.

- Micro Combined Heat and Power(m-CHP) Systems.

- Solar Thin film manufacturing.

- Teaching and learning.

- Technical visit to "Centre for Alternative Technology", Machynlleth. The Centre offers a range of courses which are between a day and a week in length. Some of these courses are offered to the general public while others are accredited courses for professional installers. The project trainees have attended 3 sessions about energy management, alternative energy resources/renewable energy and architecture and environmental studies.