Training of Staff in Robotics and building management systems

Training of Staff in Robotics and building management systems

From April 26-28th of 2017, IST hosted the first training within the SEM-SEM project with the colleagues from Egyptian and Jordan universities on the topics of Robotics and Building Management Systems.

The first day of the workshop was focused on robotics teaching, showing two different approaches: one more focused on industrial applications, led by the Mechanical Engineering department, and the other more focused on services, led by the Electrical Engineering department.

The workshop included laboratory visits, with the demonstration of the laboratorial teaching exercises and lectures, focused on the type of contents and the sequence in which they are tough.

The second and third day were focused on Building Management Systems, with 8 sessions. The first day covered mostly the topics of the courses and the sequence and interconnection between them and the second day focused on the visit to research facilities. Most important was the fact that for building management system, the university buildings are used as laboratorial facilities themselves.

Overall, the workshop was a success, as the quality of the IST colleagues’ presentations was very high, but more important, the discussions raised by colleagues from Egypt and Jordan were very interesting, and challenging, so the overall exchange of knowledge and experience on teaching these topics was very enriching for all the partners.