NU lab

NU lab

1. Laboratory Description :


Equipment No.01: 6 DOF industrial Robot (MELFA Basic RV-2F-B-D)

Teach-ware: Robot station with MPS modules

RV-2F-B-D, this series provides a complex vertical multi-joint robot for use in machine processes and assembles. Its purpose is to create highly flexible production facilities to fill the shortage product life cycle by work system having a well-balanced robot arm, peripheral devices or robot and hand section must be structured. The work system have structural configuration with standard equipment’s throughout the following items: robot arm controller machine cable robot arm installation bolts safety manual and guarantee card.


First, robot arm has six degree of freedom (DOF) with installation options, on floor or hanging installation. The robot operation is by AC servo motor within ranged operation angles and speeds for different joints, which are known as waist (J1), shoulder (J2), Elbow (J3), Wrist twist (J4), Wrist pitch (J5) , Wrist roll (J6), where the position detection method is used by absolute encoder. Robot arm length dimensions are 230 mm for upper arm and 270 mm for fore arm for maximum load 3 Kg.

Second, CR750-02VD-1 controller is utilized with six control axes simultaneous by MELFA-BASIC V robot language. The teaching methods are by pose teaching method and by manual data MDI method with several interfaces (e.g. RS-422, Ethernet, USB, and tracking interface). Controller input/output are classified in into: Dedicated input/output carry out the robot remote operation and status display General-purpose input/outputs help the customer by programming for peripheral device control Hand input/outputs are related to the hand that the customer can program and Emergency stop/Door switch input.


Sum of all, in flexible automation, Industrial Robots are among the most important components. They allow automated processes to be adjusted rapidly. Especially in the future of Industry 4.0, Industrial Robots will be indispensable.


Equipment No.02: Industrial Work Station

Robot station with MPS modules, this equipment level is as an introduction to industrial robotics throughout by the two-robot handling and robot assembly modules. The upstream station, the robot handling module, feeds the workpieces to the station via slide, which the robot transports to the assembly retainer as shown in figure 5. The second module, the robot assembly module is utilized to supply the individual components for the assembly process of the pneumatic cylinder.

List of the Courses the laboratory used and will be in use for this MSc, others and training courses :

1. Modeling and Simulation.
2. Automation.
3. Industrial Robotics Power System.
4. Robotics Modeling and Simulation