Work Package 12

Work Package 12



Quality control and monitoring of the project progress and timely outcomes is an essential procedure to assure the success of the project. The quality plan will conduct preventive actions to minimize the nonconformity at the beginning. Corrective actions shall also be planned to ensure fast and prompt action to correct any deviation from the project outcomes (quality and time).


This activity will be leading by EUROTraining, whom has long experience in previous EU project. They are specialized in Quality Control and Finance & Management and will execute the following tasks:


1.    Monitoring the progress of the activities assigned to each partner according to the work plan. Each WP leader will report to EUROTraining semiannually with the progress of the WP. EUROTraining will conduct a report annually showing the progress of the project. The report will be submitted to the consortium coordinators discussion and corrective actions.


2.     Monitoring visits by the EUROTraining shall be planned, and finally feedback reports and surveys from teachers, students, and trainees will be statistically evaluated in a systematic fashion.



WP 12 Achievements


Quality plan


Quality for meetings:


Kick-off meeting Evaluation Report

2nd Project Meeting Evaluation Report

3rd Project Meeting Evaluation Report

4th Project Meeting Evaluation Report


Quality for Semesters:


Quality Assurance Report 1st Semester

Quality Assurance Report 2nd Semester

Quality Assurance Report 3rd Semester

Quality Assurance Report 4th Semester

Quality Assurance Report 5th Semester


Quality for Training events:

In Egypt

Training Alexseeds 26-28.03.2018

Training ASU 12-13.11.2017

Training HU 26-28.09.2017

Training AASTMT 17-19.07.17



Evaluation report Cyprus v1

Training Eurotraining 21-23.11.2017

Training in IST Lisbon Evaluation Report

Training in SU 23-27.10.2017

Training in UNIOVI 10-14.07.17

Training IST 26-28.04.2017


In Jordan

Training in MU 11.17

Training in UoJ 13-15.12.2017

Training MU 10.10.2017

Training UJ 01.11.2017


Quality for Workshop:


Conference in Cairo 4-6.12.2017

Evaluation report Workshop Jordan

Workshop ASU 04-06.12.2017