Work Package 11

Work Package 11



For the sustainability of the program, the following activities are due:

1-      Massive marketing campaign on the academic and industrial sectors levels to promote for students and engineers to attend the program. Tuition and training fees shall support the sustainability of the program.

2-      Strengthening ties among the consortium members to pose high potential for further cooperation. Mutual research projects can be developed.

3-      Launching a website for the project.


The following factors should be taken into account:

1-      Continual improvement of the course materials to cope with the market requirements.

2-      Seeking higher accreditation to satisfy quality requirements and customer satisfaction.

3-      Maintaining an up-to-date lab for the masters program.

4-      Recruiting most recognized professors in the field of smart systems focussing on management and control of smart environment.

5-      Ensure continual recognition of the degree by EU partners universities.


Practical steps to be conducted:

1-      EG non-academic members will use their contact lists to spread the information regarding the benefits of the new masters program and the professional training and its impact on the society.

2-      The Jordanian Universities will use their contact with the industrial Jordanian organizations to spread the information regarding the benefits of these programs.

3-      Continuous marketing campaign for the Masters/training program at different locations (universities, industrial chambers, public and private authorities).

4-      A yearly check of the updated courses at similar institutions to ensure the masters program being up-to-date.

5-      A periodic evaluation of the quality of the teachers/trainers to ensure that top is being invited.

6-      Internal performance audit committee shall be formed to ensure the quality and compliance

7-      Continuous feedback from the end users regarding the requirements.

External Audit on the training facility every 2 years to assure continual performance.

WP 11 Achievements