Work Package 13

Work Package 13


There are 13 partners 11 educational partners and 2 non-educational partners. The educational partners are divided into:  EU universities (SU as main applicant, UNIOVI, IST and UCY), EG universities (AASTMT, NU, ASU and HU) and JOR universities (UJ, MU and JUST). The non-educational institutes consist of EUROTraining and ALEXSEEDS as representatives from Industry.


The project manager will be the grant holder (P1:SU) whom will be responsible for:


1. Contacting the European Authority (EACEA) and reporting to it (progress reports, final report, financial reports).

2. Responsible for leading and managing the EU partners.

3. Financial issues including the monitoring of the costs in order to react early and flexible on deviations from the original cost plan after reporting to (EACEA).

4. Setting up a project legal agreement serving as a formal guide for the whole project. This agreement contains all required information on the organization, ethical, legal and administrative issues. This project agreement will be binding for all members of the project consortium.


The AASTMT will be reaponsible for leading and managing the EG partners. On the other hand UJ will be responsible for leading and managing the JOR partnerss. Both AASTMT and UJ will report to the grant holder (SU)


In this activity there are four kinds of meeting which will be descried within each deliverable (13.1, 13.2, 13.3). Firstly, International co-ordinator meetings, secondly, Regional meeting, thirdly, work packages group meetings and finally institutional meetings. In order to reduce travel and administrative costs, many of these meeting will be conducted during workshops, training and conferences.


The Steering Committee is in charge of the SEM-SEM project and has the overall responsibility. It is, as such the relevant decision making structure of the project and responsible for:


- Overall legal and financial administration.

- Overseeing scientific and societal issues related to the research activities.

- Execution of the time and cost plan.

- quality management based on a plan specifying standards and benchmarks on the quality of results (e.g., deliverables)

- ensuring the research’s compliance with ethical rules and good practices



 The Steering Committee will be informed about any meeting related to the project and will receive a copy of the minutes from the respective WP leader. Minutes will be taken of all project meetings and filed appropriately. Decisions and results of the meetings are documented in a decision protocol. Each work package team has its own list of pending issues.


Consortium Meetings


Amman SEM-SEM 28th November-2nd of December

Kickoff Meeting-Minutes

MOU-Meeting Agenda and Attendance sheet







Online Hangout Meetings


SEM-SEM Hangout 2nd october 2017 minutes of meeting