Work Package 10

Work Package 10



The project dissemination and exploitation strategy was designed and explained in project proposal. Its strategy depends on two tasks ad deliverables: 1) Advertising Campaign and 2 ) Workshops and conferences.


10.1 Advertising Campaign


Firstly, The main target to Contact Industry leaders in various industry fields. Which was achieved by the industrial partner ALEXSEEDS. A Training workshop was held in ALEXSEEDS under the title of "Waste Energy Management in industry". This event was held in during 26th till 28th of March 2017 with the presence of around 30 mechanical and electrical engineers, in addition to faculty staff. The workshop was delivered by Dr. Rui Costa Neto from IST


Secondly, the partner countries universities in Jordan and Egypt took their part in disseminating for the new master and training programs in their countries in many evens and conferences.  


10.2 Workshops and Conference


According to the proposal, it was planned to have Two regional workshops. The first one was planned to be in Jordan by September 2016 and the second one in Egypt By the October 2017. The workshops were planned to be arranged with those who are interested to get into the details of the program to disseminate for the professional training. It was planned to have seminars from EU partners during the workshops. By the end of the project an international conference will take place in AASTMT, Egypt. All the partners will attend and the final meeting will take place during this conference.



WP 10 Achievements


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