Work Package 9

Work Package 9





As a result of establishing the targeted Masters degree in Egypt and Jordan, SU have agreed on the principle to develop a double degree with AASTMT and MU. Hence it planned to certify the new Maters as a double degree AASTMT/IST and a double degree MU/IST. There will be held several coordination meetings between the officials from the universities in order to agree on the legal and administrative requirements to realize this agreement. The road map will be laid down to fill in all paper work during these meetings. IST will need to draw some rules in order to guarantee the quality of this degree even after the project finishes.



Academic and administrative staff from the targeted EG/JOR and EU academic institutions will be involved in the meeting to agree on the details of the agreement. HU, ASU and NU will join the meetings to study the possibility of joining the agreement and setup up a process for student exchange. From the Jordanian side, UJ, JUST and MU will join the meetings with IST to study the possibility of joining the agreement with MU as well.


The agreement is first drafted as a result of the coordination meetings in activity 10.1 and then whatever necessary steps should be taken in order to finalize and produce the final agreement.



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