Work Package 8

Work Package 8




This work package contains the man wider objective of the proposal. Developing  an advanced educational system to facilitate the integration of non EU member systems with their counterparts in Europe and to facilitate culture exchange the MSc program targeted in this proposal needs to be compliant with the Bologna convention



Hence the EG/JOR partner institutions who are going to establish the targeted Masters in their curricula are going to work with the EU academic partners. Basically, AASTMT (EG) and MU (JOR), worked on developing the following steps:



1. Preparing an information package, updated annually, in which the courses available in the program are described. It provides general information about the institution, its location, student accommodation, administrative procedures necessary to register and academic calendar in addition to comprehensive course information shall be prepared for smooth student exchange and study abroad programs. Descriptions covering the course academic content and procedures, ECTS credits, examination and assessment procedures, institution's grading scale and the structure of the curriculum shall be included in the information package. Also, a description of the department offering the course.



AASTMT (P6 in EG) and MU (P12 in JOR) will introduce and implement the concept of a learning agreement (in their country systems), which describes the programme of study abroad at the EU partners institutions and shall be drawn up by the individual student and institutions involved.  Transcript of records for students enrolled in the new MSc program shall be prepared according to Bologna convention and local grading scales.


2. In order to ensure the compliance of the new courses to the ECTS, AASTMT and MU will consult with SU and IST who have already passed through the procedure of converting their curricula into the ECTS system. They are familiar with the new system and will provide an excellent guide to EG/JOR Universities to make sure that the new courses are in full compliance with ECTS.





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