Work Package 5

Work Package 5

Each Egyptian and Jordanian University will order their equipment list for the laboratories assigned to each partner.

There are 5 laboratories for EG partners


      AASTMT will have 2 Laboratories:


      Smart Industrial Autonomous Systems

      Energy management and saving Laboratory.


       ASU will have energy management laboratory.


        NU and HU will have autonomous robotics system laboratory.


4 laboratories for JOR partners


     MU will have 1 laboratory in smart autonomous systems, and energy management systems.


      UJ laboratory will be oriented towards energy saving systems.


     JUST equipment will be ordered towards the autonomous smart system laboratory.


The smart Autonomous industrial system laboratory will serve the courses of, smart autonomous system, intelligent system, modelling and simulation, robotics systems, and low cost automated systems.


The energy management and saving laboratory will serve the courses of  Energy management, energy quality systems, energy saving, smart gird, green computing, green cloud, smart facility planning systems and power station design



Each experiment should have a lab sheet which describes to the student the objective of the experiment, the procedure to be followed, the expected outcome of the experiment and the format of the experiment report. All lab sheets are to be collected in a manual. Also sample results of the experiments have to be documented in the course-file.


WP5 Achievemnts