Work Package 2

Work Package 2


Surveying both the industrial training needs in the fields Energy management and control of smart systems as well as the available training centers and their capabilities to form a gap analysis to be covered with the project outcomes.


The results of the surveys that carried in activities are collected and compiled in one report in which includes recommendations for the proposed training facility to be established in Egypt based on the best practice provided by European partners and the current gap analysis conducted in Egypt.


This study will be compiled from inputs from different EU, EG and JOR partners. It will be available to all partners at M11, which will conclude this activity. Based on this study, the consortium members will decide on all practical details of the professional training activity of the project and the contents of the training courses.


The global aim of this survey is to establish a solid knowledge-based assessment of the exact services to be provided by the proposed training facility in order to meet to vast requirements of EG and JOR industries. Training facilities in Egypt providing services in similar fields shall be assessed. And their level, scope, number of trainees and quality of trainers shall be determined. Geographic coverage and targeted industrial sectors shall be investigated and analyzed.




More than 60% of the facilities do not have energy committee for energy consequently more than 70% do not have delegated energy manager. Around 55% of these facilities do not have energy audits. However, around 75 % of the employees in these facilities try to monitor their energy consumption at their facilities or individual homes. Such percentage reflects that these employees are ready for applying energy management systems at their facilities, on the other hand the facilities do not offer enough awareness or training courses for energy audit and consumptions. Half of the employees rated their facilities with AVERAGE in their energy performance.


Moreover, the questionnaire showed that there are no enough technical seminars nor communication with energy managers regarding energy management issues, where it was rated below average.


Such results are matching the survey on offered training programs. The survey shows that there are only two organization, in Egypt and Jordan, offering training program towards industrial energy management systems programs with total sum of 18 courses. Such numbers reflects the lack for such training programs these two countries in comparison to Southern European countries.


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