Work Package 1

Work Package 1



Surveying Engineering programmes related to smart industrial systems focusing on automation, autonomous, Mechanical, optimization, management and control which are carried out in Academic Institutions in the EU, Middle East and USA/Asia universities.


The results of the deliverable surveys are collected and compiled in one report which includes recommendations for the proposed Masters programme in Egypt based on the best practices in EU, Middle East/MENA region and the USA/Asia.


This study will be compiled from inputs from different partners. It will be available to all partners at M6, which will conclude this activity. Based on this study, the consortium members will decide on all practical details of the project and the contents of the courses. In this meeting, the curricula will be drafted.


Further comparisons will be carried out. Differences in teaching and examination methodologies will be reported. The global aim of this survey is to include the Bologna convention in Egyptian Universities. The plan is to distribute this information to other teachers at Egyptian Universities and their management. At the end of this workpackage, Egyptian partners’ representatives shall travel to England (Applicant) to see an example of a European University and the European educational system. At this meeting the curricula will be drafted.




The survey was done on the levels of a full master program with similar objects from SEM-SEM proposed master degree. In Egypt, the following universities have similar program: AUC, BUE, AAUI and E-JUST. The minimum percentage of matching courses was found in BUE (37%) while the maximum was found in E-JUST with 55%. In Jordan 3 programs were found in Mutah university and Masdar Institute. They cover percentage less than 50% of the SEM-SEM’s proposed courses. However all of them did not include very important training courses like ISO 5001-Energy Management Systems and courses related to intelligent systems for industrial organizations.


On the other hand, Energy management is quite a hot topic in Europe. UK contains 76% of the offered program in north Europe. While in Portugal and Spain dominate central Europe highlighted by IST University in Portugal. In southern Europe Cyprus dominates the offered master courses related to energy management. All of the mentioned European countries include 95% of the courses offered by the project specially IST. For such reason, UK, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus educational partners were chosen within this project. IST was chosen specifically for the double degree due to its special institute in energy management.


Egypt and Jordan do not have enough professional master degrees including very important issues. The master program proposed to be offered by the project will fill a very important gap in the Egyptian system towards a better and stable environmental and economic stability in Egypt and Jordan.


Achivments of WP1 by taskes and dates


WP1 Survey Report 2016_Dec_2015