The smart environment applications are anticipated to possess good potentials in solving energy management issues on the consumer levels. Without the presence of qualified professionals as well as the awareness of end-users the goals of the project cannot be achieved

Hence, this project seeks to build a new MSc program of energy management system between Egyptian and Jordanian along with European Universities partners. MSc program is divided into two modules:

1) Management and Control Systems, and

2) Industrial Mechanical Systems. The two modules will be designed for developing the top two levels of automation pyramids (i.e. Manufacturing Execution System and Enterprise Resource Planning) which are not available until now in any of other higher education programs at Middle East. The MSc degree curriculum shall be developed according with the Bologna Convention (3 cycle structure, ECTS, and degree recognition).

The Management and Control systems will develop graduate engineers with knowledge of different control systems like: Intelligent control, automatic control, behavior modeling and behavior fusion. These graduated will be able to manage and optimize the operation between different control systems. The main aim of control and optimizing the industrial operation is to reduce the energy consumed by their working processes.

The Industrial Mechanical Systems will deliver graduates with the skills of design and construct new sustainable energy systems. They will be able to evaluate the performance and efficiency of current and future energy systems. They will have the skills to evaluate the integration of sensors, actuators and networking to updated equipments used at their working processes. Such evaluation is needed to design or modify their industrial mechanical system for saving the optimal amount of energy.

The program will include courses of Thesis I and Thesis II. These courses will be concerning the master thesis project. The thesis will be tackling a problem found and raised by the industrial society, which will be new and innovative. Another outcome of this project is the establishment of a technology transfer center which supports the research and training cooperation between the Egyptian, Jordanian partners and the well-established research in SU and IST. The center will be responsible for bridging the knowledge triangle education-innovation-research between industry and academia. The main objective of the center is to target other EG/JOR Universities, industrial entities, ministry of electricity and renewable energy as well as ministry of trade and industry. The technology center is not only intended to target engineers in its scope of work, but also other community entities.