increase public awareness & utilization of renewables

promote for energy saving and management

Promote for Energy Saving & Management

Our main concern is saving energy

develop new research areas in those fields

monitoring, controlling, & conserving energy everywhere

The smart environment applications will play a critical role in solving energy management issues for the consumer


The Middle East countries are going through a period of change where governments are forced to address the need for greater access to economic opportunity. With a challenging economic environment and a growing social demand, governments believe that..

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The smart environment applications are anticipated to possess good potentials in solving energy management issues on the consumer levels. Without the presence of qualified professionals as well as the awareness of end-users the goals of the project cannot be achieved..

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The project management infrastructure will deliver essential management and organization services throughout the full life-cycle of the project to provide deliverables in time. There are 13 partners; 11 of which are educational and 2 non-educational partners..

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Congratulations for the first graduate from the program of “Smart Energy Management” in Mu’tah University Jordan

25 DEC 2019

On Monday the 23rd of December 2019 , Engineer Marya Mamdouh had successfully defended her thesis
“ Smart Managment Systems For Hybrid Energy Resources” in Mutah University.
This will make her the first graduate from the Master of Science program resulted f ... read more

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